1.First episode (pilot) – Ben Lyric tells the story of his special family

Monster Wings or How Everything Began

In the beautiful island city Dragonville life is pleasant and calm. But not for Broum, the unusual young dragon. Instead of the elegant small wings that all normal dragons have, Broum has a pair of enormous, superfluous, inconvenient wings on his back. He tries to take things philosophically, but it is not always easy. One day he discovers that he can fly. Invigorated by the new opportunities, Broum sets out to show Dragonville how useful the large wings can be. But the dragons find his behavior scandalous, scary and inappropriate. Just when Broum is completely discouraged by the failures, he meets the beautiful Bella – a young female dragon, who also has unusual “defect”: a fire breathe...

Broum and Bella are attracted by their differences, they complete each other and have a lot of fun together

Epilogue: The family of Broum and Bella has increased by three great flying and fire-breathing dragons... One of them is Ben Lyric.

2.Mister Grey and the Temptation

From the “Events at school” series

Ben Lyric is sent to a school mathematics camp. The new odd winged classmate is not welcomed by the rest of the students.

Kids purposely isolate Ben, they mock him and they make jokes of him behind his back. They push him and deliberately set traps for him, without even suspecting that Ben could easily handle their attacks. Among the bullies a few stand out - the strapping teenager Grey (who insists on calling him Mr Grey) and his friends, who call themselves Red and White. Ben stoically evades the challenges. One day the twins Harry and Barthy come to visit their brother. They find Ben pushed in a puddle with a scattered backpack. When Mr Grey sees the twins’ outward, he starts making fun of Ben’s entire family.

Ben confesses that, at this moment, the temptation to violate the family codex had been “shamefully strong”.

Ben wants Harry and Barthy to swear they will not use their powers against Grey and his companions. The twins give their honest word, but later theyfind a way to craftily circumvent their vow. Later in the evening, disguised as ghosts, Harry and Barthy stalk Grey and his friends and start to toss the terrified young dragons in the air. And when Ben returns from training, he finds his classmates hanging from the city tower. Fuming, Ben orders his brothers to bring the scared kids down. Grey and his fellows are quite befuddled to see “ghosts” humbly obey Ben’s commands and, flying behind him, murmur excuses that, in fact, they have kept their promises…

Epilogue: In the classroom, Grey is glaring at Ben with suspicious eyes, but his fellows competing for Ben’s attention and try to attract the new classmate who has such extraordinary and spooky friends. Ben refuses to take Grey’s place as a leader, and thus, instead of earning his respect, this provokes Grey’s hatred towards him to grow even more.

3. Harry and Barty unleashed

From the “Events at school” series

The twins Harry and Barthy have a diverse fan-club at their school with an ever-changing number of participants. They have controversial popularity – they are both loved and hated. Teachers have a different approach when it comes to them. Their form master defends them. She believes in them because she sees they are smart and inquisitive but they lack discipline. The School Principal keeps to the modern thesis that the “disabled” should be tolerated. She loves to display her modern attitude in TV reports where she appears with the two odd little dragons Harry and Barthy. She addresses them with pretended politeness and they answer her with false pleasantries.

One day, Harry and Barthy decide that it is high time to defend their dignity. In order to do that, they would have to ditch the family codex to some extent and dive into the possibilities their powers present them with. It is time to unleash them. They plan and execute a string of mischiefs that drive the Principle to give up her entire political career and publicly announce in front of the reporters that she “hates all disabled and freaks”…

As a result, the Principle is fired and the twins and Ben are expelled from the school with a kind apology from the School board but with the statement that scandals upset the students.

4. Exams time

From the “Events at school” series

The exams are near. Ben is charged by his parents with the uneasy task of keeping watch of the twins. He has to make sure that they have written their homework and that they are preparing for the exams. But Harry and Barthy are trying their best to deceive Ben into believing they are working hard, while they are actually investing their time in inventing funny ways of cheating on the exam.

During the test, Harry tries to tell the answer to Barthy. After a string of comical attempts Harry finally passes the information to his brother, but suggests wrong answer to his twin-brother…

Ben enjoys the sight of his briefly ashamed twin brothers.

5.Old lady Drackita

from the “Events during the vacation outside of town” series

It’s the summer vacation. Ben’s family is off to a small village for some well-deserved rest.

The little cottage next to theirs is occupied by Old lady Drackita. She is a very old dragon and she moves with the help of a wheelchair. However, this doesn’t prevent her from suddenly popping out of nowhere and glaring at the flying, fire-breathing brothers and their games. She seems frightening to the kids with her dark and angry stare.

Broum and Bella do their best to keep their sons from bothering the old lady. Despite their efforts, Harry and Barthy can’t help themselves - they set up a prank for Old lady Drackita. An elastic band is placed at the entrance of the cottage’s lawn, so that her wheelchair can’t pass through...

While the twins are busy with their mischievous deeds, Ben accidentally sees Old lady Drakita secretly practicing to walk on her own. He realizes that her home is filled with paper figures of birds. The pictures on the walls and the many cups and prizes on the shelves reveal that Old lady Drackita had once been a racing driver. Ben is astounded. During lunch, he shares with his family what he has discovered. Meanwhile, the old lady is on her usual route. Taken aback by Ben’s story, Harry and Barthy seem confused and start to hesitate but it is too late to call off the prank – outside their window Old lady Drackita is flying through the air, shot up by the twins’ elastic band…

Broum manages to catch her in the midst of her flight and gently lands her on the ground.

Instead of fuming with anger, Old lady Drackita is finally happy – she had flown and her dream to be able to move had finally come true.

Epilogue: Old lady Drackita is having fun with the children – she is flying with the brothers.

Drackita is standing upright, without her wheelchair, thanks to the balloons Harry and Barthy have tied to her belt… The local dragons watch them with disapproval.

6. The Bird of the summer

from the “Events in Dragonville” series

The family’s home in Dragonville, late summer. The grass has gone yellow, flocks of birds are flying south in formation. On the house’s porch, there is a cage with a small bird with red feathers on the neck. Its gaze follows the flocks while it stretches its healing wing. Ben is sitting on the porch with his parents. They are talking about how everything in the world has an end like the season and the summer vacation. In Ben’s mind is the story Old lady Drakita had told him – how the birds are part of the summer and it leaves with them, when the red Bird of the summer leaves…

In the evening, Ben is not feeling well, so he goes to bed early. Half-asleep, he hears Harry and Barthy decide to keep the summer from leaving…forever. Reality blends with sleep and Ben dreams of the twins who have caught the Bird of the summer and the season never leaves – the grass withers, the river dries, the sun is stationary in the sky, burning in everlasting sunset. The dragons in the South are freezing, because the summer is never coming to them. It turns out that Ben is sick and he has developed a fever. Broum and Bella are concerned and keep a soaked towel on his forehead.

During the night, Ben gets out of bed because he has been awakened by the bird on the porch. His fever is gone and he decides to free the small bird from the cage. The bird can now fly. After it’s gone, rain starts to fall quietly.

Epilogue: Morning. Outside is raining, but the sun is showing. Harry and Barthy are flying under the rain and they are passing a ball. Ben and Old lady Drackita are on the porch. Ben receives a message on his smartphone from his girlfriend Emma – it says they are going to be attending the same school in the autumn.

Ben is thinking how nice it is that there are seasons, that one thing leaves and a new one comes and you don’t know what it will bring with it, but you are always hopeful for something more wonderful.

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